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Ok, you're applying to us. Before continuing the process, please be absolutely sure that you have enough time to invest in your application (2 minute "copy/paste/yes/no" applications will be insta-denied).

Below you can find our current recruitment requirements. Read them, take your time and be absolutely sure that you meet them before creating your application in a new thread. If not, click Home button on your web browser now.

Before posting an apply, please delete the light blue text as to not make your application unclear.


Furious Few Recruitment Requirements:

- A good understanding of English. We communicate in English in guild and raid chat and/or Ventrilo during Raids.
- Ability to log onto and listen to Ventrilo. Ventrilo version: 3.0.x.
- Stable internet connection. Too many weird disconnects and you'll fail your trial.
- Serious PvE hunger. Applying to us means that you'll want to join as many raids as possible and work on your character between raids.
- Gear that doesn't insult us. You need to use the best gear and enchants/gems/consumables for your spec currently available to you.
- You are not an epic leecher, a guild jumper, a retard kid or anything like the above. Bad behaviour detected and you'll be insta-kicked.
- Skilled at playing your class and are yourself mature and intelligent. It doesn't mean hardcore, just be sure you know your shit.
- You are able to attend at least 2 of our 3 raid days a week. Official Raid Days: Sunday-Monday-Thursday. Are you happy with raiding 3 days a week? Be active, if you can't why are you applying?
- Full control over your play times. You decide when and how much play. Not your Dad or Mom.
- You need to know what "Grandes Tetas" means. Yum!


+++ Application Template Start +++

About you:

Where are you from?
Tell us about yourself: We want to know who we are recruiting. Take your time to present yourself as a desirable person.

About your character:

- Character Name/Class/Spec:
- Armory Link: If there's a risk of not having your PvE gear or spec equipped on WoWArmory then it is mandatory to use a profiler like Char Dev.
- Character History: Why did you choose this character? How long have you been playing it for? What major accomplishments have you achieved while playing it?
- Class Talent Spec: What is your reasoning behind choosing this particular spec for PvE Raids?
- Your Gear: Please, justify your gear choices. We want to know that you understand your class mechanics and your upgrade gear/stats paths. Not the classic purple>blue.

You in World of Warcraft:

- Raiding Experience: Please elaborate on this and be thorough. Also be sure to state whether any of these kills were made after Patch 3.0 in TBC.
- Reports: Link us some WoL reports, prove to us you can deliver reliable DPS or Healing in some of the more complex fights. Anybody can say they can do it, give us some evidence.
- Current Guild: Which guild are you currently in? What are your reasons for wanting to leave them?
- Previous Guild History: Did you leave? Been kicked? Explain it to us, please.
- Applying to Furious Few: Why did you choose to apply to Furious Few? What makes you stand out above the rest?

User Interface and Addons

- Screenshot of your UI: Please provide a suitable picture of your UI in combat. If you're a healer please make sure that your raid frames are visible. Don't post your application without this.
- Your Boss Mod: Tell us which addon you are using for boss fights (DBM, DXE, Bigwigs) and explain why you find it better than the rest. Do you understand how to configure it for certain fights?
- Your Raid Frames: Please refer to your UI and tell us which raid frames you use. Even as a DPS or Tank, we want you to have suitable raid frames that display certain raid debuffs. Grid is pretty much mandatory as a healer and preferred for DPS and Tanks.
- Your Keybinds: Do you use keybinds? Give us some examples. Do you use your mouse or keyboard to turn? We hope you understand why it is important for us to know both of these things.
- Other Addons: Please list any other addons you use in your UI and explain what you use them for. Do you need them for raiding? Relogging for addons in the middle of a raid is not how we roll.


- Hardware and Connection: Whether you're a great player or not, you're no use to us if you cannot keep a stable internet connection. Do you disconnect regularly? Do you experience FPS issues during raids? Do you use wireless internet? If you have any issues, please sort them out before applying.
- Goals: What would you like to achieve during your time in Furious Few? Are you dedicated to work towards these goals through thick and thin?
- Raid Availability: Is there anything that could limit your attendance in the near future? New job? Moving appartment? Please let us know in advance so we can plan ahead.
- Extra Information: Any additional comments you would like to make about yourself and your application. Let us know if there is anyone in Furious Few who may be able to vouch for you. If possible, tell us how you found out about us, for example our cross-realm recruitment thread or if you found us on WoWProgress.

+++ Application Template End +++


Private applications are allowed, using the template above PM your application to one of the Officers or Darks.
Good luck!

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