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PostPosted: 17 Nov 2009 15:49 

About you:

Name: Anton Dahlberg
Age: 15, 16 in a couple of months.
Where are you from? I am from Sweden.
Tell us about yourself:

My name, as I said is Anton, and I was born in 1994, and I am from Sweden, a chilly northern europe country with shitty weather, PERFECT for playing WoW XD. Outside of WoW, I like playing guitar, listen to music, and checking raidtacts videos XD I have been playing WoW for 3 years, started out with a lousy gnome rogue, but got bored and made an Undead Rogue to play with some friends. I recently quit playing the rogue, it was called Véndetta and was in Cafe Mocha, raiding during the good ole Ulduar days ^^. I'll return to what happened with Mocha later on in the application. In conclusion, I guess I am a normal bloke who enjoys raiding a lot.

About your character:

- Character Name/Class/Spec: The name is Destructíve, It's a Destruction Warlock.
- Armory Link: ... ct%C3%ADve
- Character History:

As I said, I started out playing the rogue, but got kind of bored. This warlock is the most recent of my characters, been playing if for some months, started early this year. I chose warlock because I was curious about playing a caster, and warlock seemed like the most fun one IMO!
- Class Talent Spec:

I chose destruction because, it is the kind of best performing spec for Warlocks, at least if you know it. I have put some points in survivability/best raid performance like Improved Life Tap, which I chose because of the fact that you don't lose as much HP as you would if you didn't have it, and minimizes the risk of dying while raiding. Fel Vitality goes quite well with it, increasing my stamina and mana. So those are mostly for raidsurvivability. I believe this to be a good spec, although if you have any suggestions improving it, I'm all ears. I think that you will find it good though.
- Your Gear:

My gear is overall quite nice I believe, although there are improvements to be made of course. My wrists (sigh) are pretty much OUTDATED, and I loathe them. I have been farming ToC 10/ 25 for new ones, and the chance of them dropping are quite high, since several bosses drops decent cloth wrists, BUT they have NEVER been seen dropped by my eyes. So, I made the best of what I had and got em enchanted with 30+ SP, which is the best one for my gear enchantment/gem combos. I will farm new wrists until I get them, and if that piece of gear stops me from joining you, I will surely re-apply when I've replaced them. Oh well, enough about the bracers, let's go on to the trinkets. Before, I used Fetish of Volatile Power, kind of for the item level, and for the fact that my previous trinket in that slot sucked, was some old HC shit. And I am going to be honest to you, I was a bit blinded by the item level in that case, but I got an advice from Cenotaph, warlock in your guild, to replace it with Abyssal Rune. Now, since I was mostly looking for new wrists, I wasn't searching atlasloot for trinkets, so that one had missed my sight. But, as soon as I heard of it, I farmed it in Trial of the Champion until I had it. I have ofc only Epic/JC gems equipped, and I have chosen to stack Spellpower ones, since they increase my DPS rather hard. Although, in order to get hit capped, i used two hit rating gems as well. All enchants, but the shoulder one, are the best ones (also if you consider what gems/gear i've chosen to use) EXCEPT for the shoulder enchant. Although, I am leveling Inscription, so I will get that shoulder enchant in a little while, until then I find this one decent.
- Tools:

I use DBM, Bartender 4 and Recount. It works well with my playstyle, I don't need any more. Fear is bound to "E", spells are bound to numberpad, and Healthstone/potion to "V". If needed, I will link you a picture of it in a new thread!

You in World of Warcraft:

- Raiding Experience:

I was rather unlucky when playing my rogue, in the early days. You see, just before I was to turn 70, my old computer crashed, and it couldn't be fixed as I figured out after a while. So, I haven't raided any TBC raids before I was 80, so that's nothing to mention. In WotLK, I raided Naxxramas a little with my rogue, but mainly raided Ulduar 25 since I joined Cafe Mocha during that time. We did very well, not as well as you I suppose, but I downed bosses up to Mimiron 25man, before the nerf was made. Downed it three times. Actually, we downed it just before Anathemas did :p With this Warlock, I have raided ToC10 and 25 and cleared it all ofc, tried ToGC with my current guild ( me and some friends created it) and I think I've got the hang of Beastfight now, although I didn't down it, because healers had to go early... That is what I hate with bad-established guilds, no proper ambitious people.
- Reports:

I will link you some recount meters in a new thread as well, just bought a new computer and haven't learned it completely. I will post it ASAP.
- Previous Guild History:

As I have mentioned twice, I was a raider of Cafe Mocha until just before summer started. Fortunately, I left and didn't get kicked, because of a break during the summer, last year was a harsh year for me, people I knew died, and I had a lot to think about last summer. This summer, no such break will be made.
- Applying to Furious Few:

I have chosen to apply to you, because I really LOVE to raid and progress. I am really eager to progress as and with the guild, and it makes me happehface =D Describing me in one word: Ambitious. And, I heard you guys are exactly that, even more, so I think you are the perfect guild, with skilled and nice people, comfortable to be, and raid with. What makes me stand out of the rest? I'm the leader of a terrorist organisation! XD Not really, but well I guess I am a good and ambitious player.

- Hardware and Connection:

As I mentioned, I bought a new computer a week ago. It is a gaming computer, with lots of good components, so I experience no lag at all. I've forgotten what lag is even D=. Network is stable, barely no DCs, if any at all.
- Goals:

I do share your ambition. I want to achieve loads of things really, but mostly progressing in raids, both ToC and raids not yet invented. Server-firsts sounds good.
- Extra Information:
My SP is at 2732 selfbuffed, and raidbuffed it is 3000+
I hope you are satisfied with my application, and that I've made everything clear to you. Please do ask me in-game if there is anything that isn't clear, or if you want to ask something else. Thanks for your time,

// Destructíve
PostPosted: 17 Nov 2009 16:30 
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What is up with your spec and glyphs?

Destro: Chaosbolt glyph instead of Lifetap or Immolate?
You waste 6 points in affliction instead of going for Demoic Aegis. Why?
Affliction: Why don't you have any points in your execute talents?
2 Improved Fear and 3 Molten skin?????

Why do you use pvp shoulder enchants when you are a Scribe?

My wrists (sigh) are pretty much OUTDATED, and I loathe them. I have been farming ToC 10/ 25 for new ones, and the chance of them dropping are quite high, since several bosses drops decent cloth wrists, BUT they have NEVER been seen dropped by my eyes

ToC25 crafted bracers

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PostPosted: 17 Nov 2009 17:29 

Improved Fear? Thats only for my afflic PvP spec, I never PvP... And about the spec, I chose not to go for the Demonic Aegis, but instead increase dps from improved corruption. In addition, leaving the afflic points for demo would lose me 3 % hit rating, meaning I would lose quite a lot SP from gems and enchants. I got chaos bolt glyph because it is a part of my dps rotation, but really I think its a matter of different rotations.. I am pretty content with mine though. And about the enchant, I said I am leveling it atm, I did make that clear in my application. I will of course get it as soon as it is available to me. If you'd like me to change my spec, I will, but this is the rotation I am used to.
And about the bracers, it would be quite awkward if I got those bracers for 5000 gold, and then the next day another pair drops. An option is farming them, and if you really want me to I will. I was talking to someone in your guild though, and he did not think it was a major problem, but if it is, of course I'll fix it.

PostPosted: 17 Nov 2009 18:29 

Okay, I tried the new spec with glyph out, and it IS in fact a lot better than my last one. For that I apologize. I'm currently practicing the DPS rotation, and it works fine, will finely adjust it tonight.

// Anton
PostPosted: 17 Nov 2009 21:48 
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Currently you can lose some hit gems since you have alot and try to work on ur haste bcouse its rly low
PostPosted: 18 Nov 2009 06:45 

Yeah, they were once SP gems, but I got them in order to be hitcapped. So you think I should get rid of them, and get more haste, even if i lose the hitcap?

PostPosted: 18 Nov 2009 07:43 
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You can continue this "interesting" discussion here :)

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PostPosted: 18 Nov 2009 08:02 
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DarkS wrote:
You can continue this "interesting" discussion here :)

If player has intel then you arent interrested in it darks unless it buffs you! :D

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PostPosted: 18 Nov 2009 16:29 
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Destructive wrote:
Yeah, they were once SP gems, but I got them in order to be hitcapped. So you think I should get rid of them, and get more haste, even if i lose the hitcap?


You could lose them depends with what you raid with if you have an boomkin or shadowpriest in the raid 14% is more then enough if you have those , i would suggest to get ur gembonus out of it like use gems with 12sp/10spirit or 12sp/10haste
PostPosted: 10 Dec 2009 20:39 
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Sorry to pester in on our forums with my far out PvP-Alliance-plan. . I'll add you to my (atm noneexisting list)list, if interested! ;)


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