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History of the Furious Few (Wotlk version)
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Author:  Hierty [ 13 Apr 2011 11:09 ]
Post subject:  History of the Furious Few (Wotlk version)

End of TBC

Furious Few had cleared Black Temple and had now set their gaze upon The Sunwell Plateau. Shockapple was still raidleading, Zandi was still Holy. Vonquent was the healing officer. They started their progress through the surprisingly interesting trash and the first boss Kalecgos.

It was around this time they made some new recruits. A warlock Neltar, an impressive Paladin Tank named Non, the shadow priest Letho and a Holy paladin Såyu. Tails was also promoted to officer around this time.

We all worked on the Kalecgos encounter for the next 2 or 3 weeks making steady progress. Shockapple was shouting orders on vent and Vonquent was handing out the healing orders. The week before our eventual kill we had gotten the dragon to below 50% and were happy that we were making good progress. The next week we came back and had a sub 10% try and were confident it would go down soon. Two or three tries later with around 6 people alive at the end screams broke out on ventrilo as we had finally managed a kill. It was our first kill in the Sunwell Plateau and we had become the only horde guild on the server with any current progress there.


We were all keen to continue and start progress on the next boss Brutallus. We spent a week or two before patch 3.0 hit. The new expansion was soon to be released and blizzard wanted everyone to finish up TBC and get ready for Wrath of The Lich King. We would have liked to continue our progress normally but blizzard had nerfed all the bosses health by 15% and added new skills and talents in anticipation of wotlk.

Our progress on the rest of the bosses was fast, killing a new boss every raid and progressing well on the next. Everyone was joining the party and there were multiple guilds progressing in the Sunwell at the same time. The only guild to beat our progress was the alliance guild: Purgatory Afterglow, but we were never more than 1 week behind them. We had some great nights with fantastic raids on this amazing instance. We were confident we would finish The Burning Crusade in style. When M'uru went down we all couldnt wait to start on Kil'jaeden. We had some fun nights working out all the mechanics of the fight and started making some serious progress. We came back the next week and got the big guy down. 2 weeks before the new expansion was about to hit. We came back the next week and killed him again and what would be the last raid of The Burning Crusade. We were all proud of what we had accomplished. We were the only horde guild to kill Mu'ru and complete TBC by killing Kil'jaeden.


Video of Our first Kil'jaeden Kill:

We celebrated in Shattrath City and Shockapple played back the nerdscreams from the kill.


Wrath of The Lich King was about to begin.

Author:  Hierty [ 13 Apr 2011 11:11 ]
Post subject:  Re: History of the Furious Few (Wotlk) Work in progress.

Wotlk: The beginning

As the expansion hit the guild changed up a bit. A few members left and started their own guild called Sad Pandas. We made quite a few new recruits. A druid named Hierty would prove to be one of the more significant ones. Zandi also went retribution to try his hand at dpsing. There was a mad race at the start for people to reach lvl 80 first and I think Shockapple might have won.

The server first naxx, sarth and malygos titles were grabbed by newly formed guilds who recruited newly dinged 80's. Furious Few was patient and waited for its members to level at their own pace till we had enough to start raiding.

As soon as we had enough members we raced through the content. Taking a few weeks to clear Naxx , Sartharion and then Malygos. We then started our progress on the Sartharion hardmodes. Shockapple would step down as raidleader and raider. Zandi, Thunkan and Tails took turns leading the raids. We continued to clear naxx and then spent the rest of our time on Sarth. 3 weeks after we had first cleared Naxx we got the server first kill of Sartharion with 3 drakes up. The officers decided that the server's first Twilight drake would go to our guildleader Darks.


So with all the content cleared in barely over a month, we had nothing left to do apart from going for the raiding achievements. So that is what we did. We started with all the naxx achievements. Once we had all of the easier ones done we set our focus on The Immortal. The Immortal proved pretty challenging. We had a few weeks of failure with people dieing on Thaddius and others finding new and exciting ways to kill themselves. Finding a way to pull aggro while running down the Pipe boss to Gluth for example. It was frustrating for everyone but in the end we managed to get the Server First and Only Immortal run. The screams on Vent were pretty epic as we killed KT and the Immortal achievement poped up. It was an amazing achievement for everyone and we were damn proud of what we had done.


We now knew we had done the hardest thing currently in the game. We only had to kill Malygos in 6 minutes and we would have completed the Glory of the Raider achievement and all get some shiny new Black Proto Drakes. We failed the first week as we killed it after it was called a wipe as a result of someone failing to unmount from their dragon. (It was some idiot holy pala who's name begins with S) We came back the next raid after the reset and got it down easily. We all got our drakes and celebrated in Dalaran with some shameless mount whoring on the North Bank Steps.


We completed the 10 man drakes shortly after.

Author:  Hierty [ 13 Apr 2011 11:25 ]
Post subject:  Re: History of the Furious Few (Wotlk) Work in progress.


Everyone was looking forward to Ulduar. It was the first patch released in wotlk and would provide the next level in raiding content. We had been sitting around for a while with nothing to do waiting for more challenging content. I am proud to say Ulduar would prove to be the guilds biggest success to date.

The night the patch was released, everyone was pumped up and couldn't wait to have a look at the new content. So much so that we broke our usual rule of only raiding on Thursday, Sunday and Monday and had a full raid ready to go on Wednesday. That night we 1 shot Flame Leviathan and the gauntlet while not really knowing exactly what was going on. We had a vague idea of what the vehicles did but had not expected it would go down so easily on the first try while still working out the mechanics. People started to get grumpy on vent as we had been expecting a larger step up in terms of difficulty and we had just 1 shot a brand new boss. We headed to the next area and decided we would try Ignis the furnace master. The trash was very entertaining to say the least. The 2 giants would leave a debuff that would each result in a fire ball jumping around between the members dealing damage. The fire balls would continue until we cleared the next few packs of trash and reached the water just before the boss. It killed a few people im sure and we definitely wiped a few times on the fire cyclones on the next few packs of trash. We enjoyed it and were having a good laugh as this trash turned up to be harder than most of the wotlk bosses that we had seen. We spent the rest of the night on Ignis. He would prove to be pretty hard the aoe damage he did was pretty intense to heal up that first night. He was also 1 shotting random raid members during the fight and we didnt know what was causing it, the next day we learned that Ignis was bugged and was almost impossible to kill. There was also a period of time when the Instance servers crashed as too many people were raiding Ulduar at the same time. It was quite amusing as everyone got teleported to the graveyard and was stuck there. We could see loads of other people from other guilds and there was some crazy spam in the general chat channel. The servers came up again after 30 or 40 minutes and we went back and continued on Ignis for the rest of the night. There were other guilds raiding at the same time and they all went for Razorscale first and had killed it on the first night.

We came back the next day and tried Ignis again. He was still bugged so we left him and went for razorscale. It was a cool fight and we all enjoyed it. Standing in fire for more than 1 second would kill you. We made good progress and it went down. We only had a few minutes left in the raid and did a quick strategy guide for the next boss XT and just ran in for 1 quick try before we called it a night. We surprised ourselves and almost 1 shot it getting it below 20% while still working out the mechanics. We would come back on Sunday the next raid and struggle for a while before finally getting it down. We didnt get any Val'anyr fragments that first week but would get our first from XT the next week. The officers of the guild gave that fragment to the holy paladin Såyu and had chosen him to be the first to get the Legendary mace Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings. We would loose out on the server first kills to Stripped Socks who raided pretty hardcore that week. We made good progress on the bosses. We were all pretty impressed with the Freya and Mimiron encounters but enjoyed all of them. We got all the bosses down before any of the normal mode nerfs kicked in and would kill Yogg Saron a few weeks after Striped Socks and then begin our Hardmode progress.

Iron Council 25-man Hardmode: 15/06/2009

The first Hardmode we aimed for was The Iron Council killing Steelbreaker last. It was an epic encounter where healing at the end was pretty intense and not a single person could die. Retadins would do some insane healing there and as Zandi wasnt present Sayu stepped into that role for the night. We had some close tries where we had some random deaths moving into the last phase but we continued and made good progress getting him lower and lower. Soon everything fell into place and it was an truly epic kill. Hierty also managed to kill 80% of the raid immediately afterwards as they all went to look at the shiny shiny loot. It was a Server First kill and we were really proud of what we had done. It was a good start to our Hardmode progress.


Here's a Video of the Kill with ventrilo at the end:

Thorim 25-man Hardmode: 25/06/2009

Now we set our sites on Thorim's Hardmode. Our progress was good. We had some trouble with people getting slowed or frozen in the path of lightning and the tank damage was pretty steep. After a few nights of practice we were getting close. Our first kill was pretty chaotic. At around 5% we started loosing tanks and they continued to fall. As Thorim got really low he finished off the last tank and started chasing after ranged dps killing them 1 at a time. It became a mad panic to get him down the last 1% before we ran out of people. We were also only 20 seconds or so before we hit the enrage timer. It was chaos but it went down and there were Epic nerdscreams on Ventrilo once again ! It was our second Hardmode and another Server First !

Firefighter (Mimiron Hardmode) 10-man: 28/06/2009

That same week our 10 man group managed something quite amazing. They had been working on 10 man Firefighter for a while and had managed to get it down. It was one of the most challenging fights in the game at that time and was yet another server first. It was also the last part that we needed to unlock Algalon.

Here's a Vid of the Kill

Glory of the Ulduar Raider 10-man: 03/07/2009

We would now start our progress on Algalon 10 but in the mean time we decided to finish off the achievements needed for the Ulduar 10 proto drakes. All of them were pretty straightforward and Yogg-Saron with 1 keeper was our last hurdle. That fight took some practice but we made fast progress and ended the night with 4 or 5 people getting the first Rusted Proto drakes on the server.


Hodir 25-man Hardmode: 19/07/2009

The week before we had narrowly missed out on the time limit by a few seconds. We had called it a wipe but DoTs had tipped him over. So we came back the next week and headed straight for Hodir. We organised everyone and stressed how important it was to get the NPC's out of the ice as soon as possible and we couldnt afford any fails on Flash Freeze. We also had many healers go DPS. I think we ran with 3 or 4 healers, priests and a druid. The only challenging part would be Frozen blows and keeping everyone alive with the fewer healers. We pulled, we lost a mage around halfway through due to not getting his stacks off during a Frozen Blows just after a bloodlust. We ressed him quick and continued. We would loose a healer soon after but the boss was almost down. We pushed hard and got him less than 1 second before the 3 minute timer. It was so close we weren't sure if we should call it a wipe early or carry on. It was so close and everyone erupted on Ventrilo when we saw that achievement pop up. We had missed out on a server first kill by a few days but were very happy with our server second. It was our first pull of Hodir that week and our progress in Ulduar was moving along nicely.

Heres a Vid of the kill with Vent at the end:

That same night the guild did Yogg-Saron with 3 keepers up and Såyu would complete the quest line to get his Legendary healing Mace. That was a proud day for me and I cant thank the guild enough.

Algalon 10-man: 07/08/2009

We had been progressing on Algalon quite nicely for the past 4 weeks. We were learning fast in that intense hour we had every week. We had many things worked out and we just needed a few tries to string everything together. The night of the kill we had been building up good momentum and had gotten to phase 2 once or twice and either hit the enrage timer due to some deaths or lost people to the 4 spawning black holes. Time was running out and we would only have time for 1 last attempt. We pulled. We lost a healer in between big bangs but he was quickly ressed and buffed up. Things were under control and we hit 20% phase 2, a few people got hit by the black holes but they survived and were out in no time. Dark matters were swarming out of the Black Holes and tank damage skyrocketed, we were split seconds from loosing both tanks at some points. Non's health dropped as low as 225. The healers hearts were in panic mode. Healing levelled out and stayed under control as the bosses health continued to fall. Everyone kept it up for the next few seconds as he dropped from 10% to 5%, The Berserk timer was up in front of us ticking down as the boss got lower and lower. The timer was at 1 second and everything suddenly came to a stop. It took a few moments and then everyone realised we had done it. It was a server first and a hell of an important one. We rushed to Dalaran to see the Algalon RP that would take place one you had defeated him. Many people had heard the news and were also rushing to the centre of Dalaran to see what would unfold. The 10 of us stood there with our Starcaller titles thoroughly proud of what we had just accomplished.

Heres a Vid of the kill with Vent: (Non PoV)

Freya + 3 elders 25-man: 16/08/2009

The next few weeks we would do Heartbreaker, which was mostly a challenge for the healers and then start on Freya's Hardmode's. We did Freya with 1 elder up then battled for a while on 2 elders before getting that down. The real challenge was Freya with all 3 of her Elders active. This would prove to be the hardest encounter we had faced in Ulduar up till then. There was so much potential for raid damage and then we had Ground Tremor going out every minute or so that would kill anyone who recently took damage from any number of sources. It was tough. If anyone took a burst of damage just before Ground Tremor they would be dead in a matter of seconds. Sunbeams, Iron Roots, Natures Fury, Exploding lashers would be deadly with Ground Tremor. Balling for lashers would be tricky as Sunbeams would cause havoc and the fact that Sunbeams were bugged at the time didnt help at all. They were barely visible and so it was easy to take 1 tick of the damage before you noticed. We spent a good few nights in a row only focused on Freya + 3. Some nights we made some decent progress getting through a full cycle of the 3 add spawns, other nights we continued to have problems with bursts of damage before or just after a Ground Tremor. It was an intense fight that needed quick reactions to what was going on around you. It was also very intense for the healers to get used to. We practiced everything enough that things started to come right. Roots were dealt with quickly, people were constantly looking out for Sunbeams and people running into open space with Natures Fury as quickly as they could. Healers were also getting smart and customised their grid settings to show people with debuffs that needed to be healed up quickly. We started making good progress. Getting through the first cycle of add spawns more often that not. We then had a few tries where we managed to get through all 6 waves of adds but had lost people in the process so we some from a previous wave up. We continued to battle hard and things kept looking more and more promising. Everyone now knew exactly what had to be done to avoid all bursts of damage and healers were on top form. After some good tries where we had built up momentum, everything came right and we entered the last phase of the fight with everyone alive. We finished off any adds that were left and now knew we were close to a kill. We tanked the boss in the river and moved up and down it as seeds spawned under our feet. A ranged group up on the bank followed. It was only a matter of time and even though that was the easiest part of the fight people were wide awake not wanting anything to go wrong. It was only a matter of time and it went down. We had worked so hard on this boss for a number of weeks and had pulled out a massively important Server First and a huge gap over our competition on the server. The noise on Ventrilo was deafening.

Firefighter (Mimiron Hardmode) 25-man: 27/08/2009

The guild was now only 1 Hardmode away from unlocking Algalon. But this was the famous Firefigher. We couldnt wait to get started though. Surprisingly the guild did not find this encounter as hard to manage as Freya had proved to be. We divided the ranged into 3 groups and the healers would be in charge of managing the fire on their side of the room. Standing just in front of where they wanted the fire to go. The rest of their group would stand well clear. The biggest problem would turn out to be the Water Spheres that would spring up on a random side of the room which after a few seconds would explode. The water spheres had a massive range and anyone who didnt notice there was one near them would be killed. We eventually resorted to shouting out group numbers to move if there was a sphere in their area. Phase 1 required some intense tank healing though Plasma Blast and then quick burst healing on people who got Napalm Shell. Phase 2 would be the most healing intensive and everyone would pop their personal and healing cooldowns. People had to stay spread in their groups, manage fire and dps / heal as hard as they could. We would often loose 1 or 2 people in this phase and get them ressed up for phase 3. Phase 3 took a bit of practice but we had a good idea how it should be done properly from our numerous tries on 10 man. We would LoS the head around a corner and pop bloodlust while keeping it there with 2 Magnetic Core's in a row. The raid would move around in a circle trying to stay ahead of the fires and the firebots. Phase 4 would involve much of the same movement but with the raid as spread out as they could. Our progress was amazingly good and had gotten pretty far into the fight in only our first week of tries. Healers especially had grown from the experience of Freya and were now handling Mimiron like pros. We came back the next week determined that we would be seeing Algalon that very week. It didn't take long. We stringed a few tries in a row where we had managed to get to phase 4 each time. We knew we were close and now everyone believed we could get it down that very night. Soon enough everything came together and everyone roared once again on Vent. It was another big server first. Afterwards there were many congratulations flying around as we knew everyone had done an unbelievable job those past 2 weeks. We were the first guild on the server to unlock Algalon 25 and couldn't wait to start on him.


Algalon 25 Celestial Defenders: 17/09/2009

The new patch soon hit and Blizzard was releasing 1 boss a week in the Trial of the Crusader. Each week we spent a full hour dealing with these new "challenges" and then headed straight to Ulduar. We had some unfinished business to take care of. We made good progress in the next few weeks. It was mostly getting used to exploding stars, Cosmic Smashes and entering Black Holes. Healing was intense and it took a while for healers to get used to the amount of tank and raid damage. Mages were having a tough time surviving a star explosion followed by cosmic smashes with their low health and we asked them to use Health Flasks for this fight. One of the issues that crept up was random dps or healers getting aggro on the constellations and closing Black Holes as Big Bang was coming, leaving everyone else going for that Black Hole in serious trouble. Also people had to get used to dying stars that were moving around the room and would teleport players into the other realm as they spawned the Black Holes. We worked out all of these issues in those few weeks. Our progress was good and everyone was anticipating a kill soon. Then on the second pull one evening everything came together and we had the most perfect try we had ever managed. Tanks stayed up, groups were topped quickly, everyone was moving from dying stars, offtanks and resto druids were closing Black Holes. We got past the third Big Bang and had everyone alive. We had had no deaths at all infact and people suddenly knew we had a real chance now at getting him down that try. 20% hit and the 4 Black Holes spawned. Everyone had dodged them perfectly and now we just needed to keep the tanks up and burn him down quickly. We had 50 seconds to burn him down 20%. It was looking close now, Algalon hit 10% and we had less than 20 seconds before he would enrage. The enrage timer hit zero, Algalon was on less than 5%. A second passed. Algalon turned red and grew in size. Thunkan got slaughtered with his next hit and the 4th and last Big Bang was a split second away. Algalon hit 3% and everything came to a sudden stop. Algalon changed back to normal and his chest appeared. Everyone erupted on Vent and the Server Rang out the name of Furious Few. Congratulations were coming though the Ulduar general channel. After the screenshots we rushed to Dalaran where there was a massive crowd waiting to see the Algalon role-play.

It was a world #459 kill and We were Daggerspine's Celestial Defenders.



Heres a Vid of the kill with Vent at the end: (Libi PoV)

Glory of the Ulduar Raider 25-man: 04/10/2009

Everyone was damn proud and would wear those Celestial Defender titles for many months to come. We would start our progress on ToC's Hardmodes but would try find time during the weeks to finish off the remaining Achievements needed for the Glory of the Ulduar Raider 25 man proto-drakes. We were one of the only guilds in the world if not the only, who had done Freya + 3, Firefighter and Algalon but had not yet done Flame Leviathan with 4 towers up. It went down with little fuss thanks to some brilliant organization by Thunkan. We would do some of the random achievements up to General Vezax where we would do the Hardmode as the last thing needed for the drakes. It took some practice but everyone was focused on getting it down and so it was only a matter of time. It was a server second kill but we ended the night with the Servers first set of Ironbound Proto-drakes. Once again we headed to Dalaran !


Author:  Hierty [ 13 Apr 2011 14:19 ]
Post subject:  Re: History of the Furious Few (Wotlk) Work in progress.

Trial of the Grand Crusader

We started late on the ToGC Hardmode's while finishing off Ulduar. Thunkan would be the main raidleader during our progress through this raid instance. Whenever a new boss was released we had enough people waiting eager online to have a look at it. Thunkan would take us 10-man and work out an optimum strategy for the next 25 man raid. The normal mode encounters were a joke and so everyone started with their Hardmode progress. The Beasts of Northrend encounter wasnt especially challenging apart from the fact that it was badly coded and the main challenge was having 25 people who could survive the encounter without DC'ing. One of the main tank healers: Såyu was absolutely unable to participate in this encounter. Beasts took longer than needed while trying to work around the Disconnecting issues. We made good progress on the first 3 encounters getting server Second and Horde First kills. Thunkan's organisation on Faction Champions was brilliant and is largely why our progress on this encounter went smoother than expected.

The guild then decided we would give Yogg-Saron with 0 keepers some tries as the Server First titles were still up for grabs. We would make decent progress at first and were working on phase 2. We would hit a brick wall progress wise as the real difficulty of the encounter unfolded. An alliance guild called <Numen> had posted on our Realm Forums and were hinting that they wanted to migrate here and take the Death's Demise titles. The pressure was on and we pushed hard over the next two weeks trying to make progress. People were becoming tired of the fight, we would start going backwards and begin to struggle with the most basic elements. Failing on phase 1 with many people not paying attention to clouds. We continued to push and in the end it did more harm. We would loose a few key members in the next week that set us back heavily. In the mean time <Numen> had migrated to another Realm to Ninja both the Algalon + Deaths Demise titles.

We would leave Yogg-0 alone in the darkness for the time being. We would go back to ToGC. We had fallen behind and a few horde guilds had already killed the Twin Valkyrs. We went about our business trying to focus on our own progress rather than that of other guilds. Thunkan once again had worked out a good strategy and we all followed. Once we had this strategy worked out it didn't take long for the Valkyrs to fall. We were now one of many guilds working on Anub'arak. We would spend the next few weeks getting phase's 1 and 2 under control. Sorting icepatch positioning and BoP rotation and getting everyone to kite Anub properly. Soon enough we had everything under control and had to just work on phase 3. Once again we saw people struggling to stay online during the aoe damage spam as we had done on Beasts of Northrend. We would battle this for a long time. People would become disheartened, clearly not happy with the latest patch from blizzard and the lack of content or even effort that they put into it. Pathogen would get the horde first kill on Anub HM. The guild was going through a rough patch and people were becoming unmotivated to carry on. We would loose one of our oldest members Zandi. The guild was in need of a few new officers and would promote Sayu and Rigamortis (Murlock) and later Ephedrine. A bit of extra momentum and motivation was built up and we went back to ToGC and made much better progress into phase 3. Soon enough we landed ourselves our first Anub'arak HM kill and a Tribute to Mad skill which would be a server second and horde first.


We would go for the Tribute to Insanity but see the Server spam from Stripped Socks while just starting our nights raid. We tried to see if we could get the same result within the hour as we had heard there was a 1 hour window for the achievement. We would get to Anub with 50 tries remaining only to fall 10% short of a kill.

Author:  Hierty [ 13 Apr 2011 14:20 ]
Post subject:  Re: History of the Furious Few (Wotlk) Work in progress.

Beginnings of Icecrown

Icecrown was finally being released after what felt like much too long in ToC. Blizzard would once again release a few bosses every couple weeks. Pretty much everyone breezed through these bosses in no time. There was much raiding time to spare and the only challenge still left on the server was Yogg Saron still waiting in the darkness. We heard Stripped Socks were trying to progress on it and the pressure was on to grab the last remaining Server First titles + realm spam.

Yogg-Saron: Alone in the Darkness - Deaths Demise: 02/02/2010

Sayu would take over as raidleader. He worked out a very specific strategy for what needed to be done and produced a lengthy guide for everyone to look over. So once that weeks ICC content was cleared we headed straight to Ulduar to once again tackle the hardest boss yet to be defeated. While we had a gear advantage the fight still required perfect execution and we would work on that those first few nights. Our progress was looking promising, breezing through phase 1 and making it to phase 3 on most tries. We would have problems with people dieing upstairs or loosing far too much sanity and shortly becoming insane. On some occasions we entered phase 3 after only 2 portal phases and we saw what a massive difference it would make. After that second portal phase we would have no tentacles upstairs and everyone would have an average of 60 sanity. If we got a third portal phase we would have another wave of tentacles to deal with and still have some upstairs when Yogg got tipped over into phase 3. We would also loose way more sanity fighting longer to get to the last phase. It became clear that we should push for 2 portal phases every time. We had 9 dps and 1 healer (Tails) go into the portals each time, Hierty would offheal until they could dps the brain. Each of the dps had a specific tentacle to go for first and they had to do this properly every time so that we could enter the brain room without wasting any valuable seconds. They would pop bloodlust on the first portal phase and get as much damage onto the brain as possible. The second time round they would stay in and dps until Yogg tipped over into phase 3 and threw they out. It was hit phase 3 there or wipe and try again. Everyone inside had to push hard and not make any mistakes. We would come close but miss it by 1% or less on a few occasions due to a single mistake inside. It had to be perfect.

We were soon getting him to phase 3 after 2 portal phases almost every time. Everyone was pleased with the great progress and itching to continue. Now it was a case of working on phase 3. Phase 3 would prove to be very interesting indeed. We ran a addon that would mark the Guardians who had been chosen as Beacons. We had 3 hunters positioned away from where the ranged would ball up and they each had a designated mark to taunt away from the other Guardians. The Beaconed Guardians had to be taunted out of all the others because after a few seconds they would heal any Guardians that were nearby. The hunters would struggle to find their mark and taunt it out in time, they tried a number of addons an settings to try make it easier. We spent 2 full nights working on phase 3 with the hunters fiddling with the addons but still struggling. They would manage the first one or two times Beacons went out, but for the third there were too many Guardians and healthbars were a blur of movement and inevitably a heal would go off and tanks would be decimated. Meanwhile the dps were going nuts and getting Yogg less than 10% before Yogg got healed. We knew we were so close and if we could get through that third wave of Beacons we would have it down. We would come back the next day: Monday confident that we would have a kill by the end of the night. We would continue with the 3 hunters taunting the beacons for the next few hours. There would be a period between 20:00pm and 22:00 where the instance experienced a stupid amount of lag. We had experienced this on a few nights and it was extremely frustrating. We knew the lag would clear up in an hour or two and waited till it did. Once the lag had cleared we had some close calls but in the end it would come down to too many Guardians and being unable to get the 3 beacons out in time.

We had to get Yogg 0 down that week as the new Wing of Icecrown was being released the next reset and would unlock The Lich King. We would have little time to spend on Yogg 0 if we didnt get it down that week. It was also Monday, the last scheduled raid until the next reset. The pressure was on and everyone knew how important it was to get Yogg 0 down soon. Late in the evening with less than an hour left we tried a change in strategy. Hierty had suggested we tank the Guardians away from the base of Yogg and have all dps nuke as hard as they could. It would be a race to get Yogg down before the number of Guardians would overflow and destroy the tanks. Our first try using this strategy looked more than promising. We made some tweaks with where the healers and tanks would stand and sorted a CD rotation to use to try keep the tanks up as long as possible. The next try was a personal best and we got Yogg lower than ever before. People were getting excited knowing they were on the verge of an epic kill. Before we knew it, it was 11pm and the time where we normally called it an evening. Everyone wanted 1 more try and then 1 more try after that. We got Yogg as low as 1.4 million and were inches away from the kill but it was now almost Midnight and we had to draw the line there. Sayu asked everyone if they would be willing to come back the next day: Tuesday and give this a last few tries.

That Tuesday, despite not being a regular raid day there was 30 people waiting online at 18:30 and hovering outside Ulduar's entrance. The officers took who had been in the last few raids spending hours wiping on the boss. The raid was full and everyone inside before 19:00 rearing to go. They also knew we would be lag free for the first hour so there was no time to waste. It didnt take long. Everyone wanted the kill and was 100% focused on getting it. A couple tries later everything fell into place. Phases 1 and 2 were perfect. We got the last few tentacles down the second Yogg went into phase 3 and moved round to the back of him. The next few minutes were nerve wracking and it seemed to last forever. Healers were healing the tanks for everything they were worth. Eventually the tanks could not hold out against the insane amount of Guardians and both of them were 1 shotted. Yogg was still on 1.5 million health and the Guardians were now loose and started running wild. The healers went first and were down in mili seconds. Then the Guardians started taking out the ranged dps 1 by 1. Everyone tried not to panic and kept their focus on dpsing the boss. Everyone who lay dead now had Yogg targeted and was watching his health fall lower and lower urging the remaining dps on. Soon a few of those alive went Insane and joined the Guardians in wreaking havoc on those left alive. The bosses health dropped lower and lower, people were going nuts on Ventrilo hoping that they could hold out for a few more seconds and get the last amounts of dps needed. Then suddenly everyone was shocked as the Achievements poped up and all the Guardians despawned. There were seven people alive at the end of it and I think everyone with a microphone was shouting as loud as they could at the same time down Vent. Once again the name of Furious Few rang out across the server and the congratulations were flooding through.

Everyone was proud of what they had just accomplished and were expressing themselves over vent. We lined up for a guild screenshot.
Despite the late kill, it was still a world #500.
We had claimed Daggerspine's Death's Demise titles.


The officers would give the Servers first Mimiron's Head to Sayu for his hard work and motivation. That night was the proudest i've had playing this game.


Heres a Vid of the kill (Barnagma + Hierty PoV) ... -darkness/
With some great credits at the end.

Author:  Hierty [ 13 Apr 2011 14:26 ]
Post subject:  Re: History of the Furious Few (Wotlk) Work in progress.

Icecrown Citadel

We progressed through the new Wings as they were released and got ourselves a Server first Bloodqueen and a Server Second Sindragosa, killing it on the same night as Striped Socks. We would begin our progress on The Lich King. We would make good progress on the 25 man encounter but even better on the 10 man.

Lich King 10-man: 17/02/2010

Wednesday would become the day where we would do our 10 man runs. Everyone was excited about seeing more of the instance so there was a large interest in joining the 10 man raids. The Lich King would require a more specific setup but after it went down we would get 2 raids going concurrently. We made good progress on the Lich King and were proud to get a server second kill on him. The Icecrown Hardmodes were now unlocked and everyone was keen to give them a try the next week.

Lich King 25-man: 07/03/2010

We were making fast progress on getting the 25 player encounter down. It was a case of getting through phase 2 consistently. This meant dealing with the Valkyrs and Defile properly. Our dps was divided into 3 groups and each group had an even amount of stun's and slows. People learnt to react to Defile and get away from it in time. One of our main issues was getting enough dps onto the Valkyrs and getting all 3 of them down in time. There would be cases of Valkyrs flying over Defiles and melee unable to dps them. We would come up with a solution. When Valkyrs were coming everyone would ball up behind the Lich King and Non would drag LK around the platform. LK would be positioned so that there was no Defile in the path towards the nearest edge. This worked much better and Valkyrs went down much quicker. It was now a case of getting through phase 3. We had been so close the week before and narrowly missed out on a server first. We had come back that next week confident that it would down, we turned off the 5% buff that blizzard had just released knowing that we didnt need it. We needed a few tries to practice p3 put people quickly got the idea. And the first time we got the raging spirits down it would result in our first kill ! It was a server second and a horde first.


We would loose a few people after that first LK kill which would slow up our Hardmode progress in the next 2 weeks while we looked for good replacements. But the Hardmodes were unlocked and people were eager to begin. That Thursday we made quick work of Marrowgar HM and learnt what a joke Gunship HM would prove to be. We wouldnt be able to get a 25 man raid going the next Sunday and would take a 10 man group to try out some Hardmodes instead. We would come back the next day and get a server second kill of The Blood Princes with only 22 people.

5% buff

Sindragosa 10-man Hardmode: 14/03/2010

That Sunday we continued the 10 man run from the Wednesday a few days before. On that Wednesday we had made quick work of the Hardmodes leading up to Professor Putricide and after 3 or 4 tries were amazed with the result of a Server First Putricide 10 HM kill. We were really impressed with how quickly people had grasped the concept of the fight and had reacted to the mechanics. We took most of the same people for Sundays 10 man as they were saved to that lockout. We would aim to have a few goes at Sindragosa HM and work out a decent strategy that we could use later on the 25 man encounter. To everyone's surprise we made astonishing progress on the encounter. After a few close tries in phase 3 we could smell a kill and pushed on. Soon enough it all fell into place and we had a perfect try with things only getting a little crazy on the last few percent. Everyone adapted to the encounter beautifully and resulted in a Server First kill. The group was ecstatic as we had just cleared all of the Hardmodes up to Lich King in 1 week (2 raids) and had only seen some of them for the first time on those nights.

Here are some Vids from that week. (Hierty PoV)
Putricide 10 HM:
Sindragosa 10 HM:

We were on a high and people were keen to have a look at The Lich King's Hardmode. We would give him a few tries and get a few tactics worked out but time was running out for the night. We would get the Lich King down on normal while doing the 30 stacks achievement and call it a night there. Everyone was asking if we could go get the achievements next week and complete the frostwyrms.

Glory of the Icecrown Raider 10-man: 21/03/2010

We would go back the next Wednesday and start on the achievements. Most were fairly easy. The Full house achievement needed a bit of coordination but didnt take long . The Bloodqueen achievement was interesting in that most of our dps needed to not be bitten. Some of the dps would heal while some of the healers went dps. We weren't sure if we could make the enrage timer with so many dps not getting bitten. It was close but we made it and everyone got the achievement on the same night. The rest were straightforward and we knew the biggest hurdle would be Sindragosa's: All you can eat. This was before they nerfed the achievement so heavily. Pets counted for the achievement and if any person or pet got more than 4 stacks of Mystic Buffet the achievement would be ruined (not 5 as it is now). We had our warlocks and hunters dismiss their pets at the start of phase 3. We would get some practice in that night but were running out of time for the evening. Sayu told the guys that we had to finish off the achievements that week because we would have to go back to the normal two 10 man groups which meant splitting up the main tanks and healers. Everyone was motivated and confident we could finish off the Frostwyrms before the next reset. We would come back on Friday and Saturday evenings to try finish off Sindragosa which was proving to be the hardest thing in ICC that we had seen so far. The tanks had a strict tanking and taunting rotation that had to be flawless and if a few seconds off would result in Sindragosa being taunt immune due to diminishing returns. The dps had to bring the iceblocks down and wait for a tank to clear his stacks and spam a macro till they tipped the iceblock down. We came so close on one try but in the excitement a shadowfiend or set of treants was poped and suddenly we saw the addon spam that the achievement was ruined. It was frustrating but we would never make that mistake again. We had come so close that night and knew that we could get it in a few more tries time. Everyone would come back on Sunday afternoon and give it 2 hours before our 25 man raid. After raiding so many days in a row and so much effort everyone was rewarded with the delightful sight of seeing the achievement go off. We were one of the first 200 guilds in the world to have done this achievement and it had lived up to the difficulty that people had talked about.

We had a good break before the 25 man raid and would get Rotface down on Hardmode for the first time and start work on Festergut. After the 25 man raid we would spend a maximum of 1 hour of tries on the final 10 man achievement. The Lich King's: Neck deep in Vile. We would have to defeat the Lich King and not have any Vile Spirits from phase 3 blow up. Luckily we had a ranged heavy group so it wouldnt be as difficult as it could be. The first few tries would get to phase 3 with no problem and our ranged just concentrated on getting all the vile sprits down. We would have some close tries but the odd spirit would sneak through and blow up on a ranged or run right over to the melee. We were now running out of time. It was almost 12 and most of these guys had been raiding for far too long today and were getting tired. On what would have been our second last try of the evening everything came together and despite some nervy moments we managed to reach our final goal. Everyone was going mad on Ventrilo saying what an amazing job everyone had done those past 2 weeks. Those final moments of RP couldn't finish fast enough and were finally greeted with the Glory of the Icecrown raider achievement. After all the hard work that everyone had put in we were truly proud of what we had accomplished. We were among the World's first 200 guilds to get complete the 10 man frostwyrms and we did it before Blizzard would nerf the achievements in the next few weeks.

Saurfang 25 HM: 25/03/2010 + Bloodqueen 25 HM: 29/03/2010

The next week we had made some new recruits and would have no problems filling up the 25 man raids. That Thursday we would work our way to Deathbringer Saurfang and made quick work of the encounter. We had our strategy worked out well in advance but had delayed trying the encounter on HM as we were waiting for a second Holy Paladin to be in the Thursday raid. It was thought having 2 holy paladins was a definite requirement and we had tried to progress on other encounters first. Alas once again we were down to 1 holy paladin but we decided to have a few tries and see how it looked. Everyone adapted well to it. Mages and Paladin's using their iceblocks, bubble and BoP's to remove the debuff when possible. Everyone spread out properly and killing the bloodbeasts properly. Amazingly everything went perfectly and we got the encounter down within our first few tries. We were amazed as a lot of guilds had said it was one of the hardest encounters and needed at least 4 paladins, 2 of them being holy. We were very happy that it had gone so smoothly and with only 1 holy paladin. Barnagma would later reroll from his resto druid to be our second Holy Paladin.

Hierty PoV:

We would go on to kill Rotface again and then continue our progress on Festergut. Once again everyone adapted well and with a few tactics tweaked it went down in a few tries. It was an intense kill as we were only pushing to try beat the Enrage timer now, having been a few seconds off on a few occasions. We would hit the enrage timer and kill him a millisecond after he killed all but 3 people.

Hierty PoV:

We were very happy with our progress that night, getting 2 new Hardmodes down. We would go back later that week and start our progress on Blood-Queen Lana'thel. Sayu organised a Bite Order for everyone to follow and assigned precise positions for where everyone should stand. We also organised a fear ward rotation and would have 4 priests mass dispel an area and hopefully remove the fear off the majority of the raid. Everyone was ordered that they had to use their healthstone on that second airphase. It worked out brilliantly and we only needed a few tries and were once again only fighting the Enrage timer. But soon enough we had a flawless try and as Bloodqueen hit her Enrage and wiped out almost everyone the Dots on her tipped her over and we got ourselves our first kill.


Hierty PoV:
Barnagma PoV:

We had plenty of time left that evening so we decided we would go have a look at Valithria Dreamwalker's Hardmode. We went with pretty much the same strategy as normal but gave the ranged and melee a priority on what adds to kill first. We would send 4 healers in and have 3 stay outside. A dps shaman would switch and help heal, usually Prola. We made quick progress and soon everything was coming together and we almost had the dragon healed up to full. One try we reached 97% and everyone was confident that we would get it down that evening. A few more tries later and it was almost the end of the night. We would have 1 final try and then call it an evening. Everyone gave it a little bit extra that try knowing it was the last chance and everyone was rewarded as the Dragon reached 100% and the encounter was defeated. Once again we had gotten 2 new Hardmodes down on a single night. We had made great progress that week getting 4 new Hardmodes down.

We had now done 8/12 Hardmodes. All of which were server Seconds and Horde Firsts. The 10% buff would kick in the next week.

10% Buff

Lady Deathwhisper 25 HM: 11/04/2010

We would begin our progress on Lady Deathwhisper. She would prove to be one of the harder encounters in ICC. We would tweak our strategy to try compensate to some of the random elements of the fight. We would fight against the back wall and have our shadow priests and healing priests evenly spread out so they could throw an instant fear as the Mind Controls went out. This would stop the MC'ed members wreaking havoc until they were properly CC'ed by the mages and druids. Ephedrine would call out when to tip the boss over into phase 2. We would then move the boss across to the centre of the room and have the ranged and healers spread out in a circle around the Boss. Melee were divided left and right to kill adds and have 2 interrupting the Bosses Frostbolts. Priests were once again spread out evenly as well as the healers. The big challenge of the fight would be the Ghosts that would spawn throughout phase 2. A number of ghosts would appear all around the room and chase random members. People had to keep their eye's peeled and run if there were any nearby. If one person poped a ghost it would explode and do damage to anyone nearby. We were getting into phase 2 consistently but would just loose too many people to ghosts. It was one of the more Epic fights we had encountered in ICC. Very nervy towards the end and everyone had to keep their concentration and keep CC'ing, decursing, interupting, killing adds properly and moving from death and decay all while watching and reacting to nearby ghosts. It was just a matter of practice and soon enough everyone was avoiding the ghosts pretty well. We would have one really close try and after that everyone knew we were almost there and would keep their focus until it went down. It was a great kill and we were happy with our 9th Hardmode done. It was a server third kill behind Striped Socks and Saaga but now we only had 2 Hardmodes left to go before The Lich King.

Hierty PoV:

Sindragosa 25 HM: 26/04/2010

We were now 9/12 Hardmodes done and were looking forward to our next 2 encounters. Sindragosa and Professor Putricide. We would start our progress on Sindragosa first as the fight was not about a dps race, but rather managing the mechanics and keeping them under control. We would spend the next 2 weeks clearing the Hardmodes up to her and spending as much time as possible on her.
The debuff that normally only did damage to the caster would now do an explosion and damage anyone nearby. We would have the ranged group ball up and have tank healers run to the left, raid healers run up the stairs and ranged dps run to the right of the ranged group. We would yell to stop casting a few seconds before the Icy grip was about to come to avoid explosions going off when everyone got balled up again and was running back to their position. Phase 1 was no problem and phase 2 was proving to be a challenge. As Sindragosa launched into the air everyone ran to the top of the stairs and would pick 6 people to be Frost Beacons. We would position the iceblocks with 3 in the front and 3 behind the front row halfway down the stairs. The positions would be determined by the order of the names that were announced by Thunkan's boss mod. It took a while for everyone to be chosen a few times to practice and perfect the Iceblock placement in the airphase. In an effort to control the dps on the iceblocks Sayu would divide up dpsers to stand behind and damage a specific Iceblock. Then it was a case of watching the Frostbombs and having everyone LoS properly. The first Frostbomb would prove to be the most dangerous and people would take turns on dieing to them. The Frostbombs would 1 shot you if you were not paying attention and it soon became frustrating to see people falling to them. Soon enough we stringed a perfect phase 1 followed by a perfect phase 2 with no problems with Iceblocks and no deaths to Frostbombs. It was a breakthrough and we only had to keep doing exactly that until the Dragon reached 35%. People had now seen what needed to be done and we had set that as the standard to be reached every try thereafter. We would soon reach phase 3 and now that would become our main focus to progress on. Damage would increase dramatically during phase 3 so we would use an extra 2 healers to try keep everyone alive while working our way through phase 3. Healers would be divided into 2 groups and would heal the tanks on one Iceblock and LoS and raidheal on the other. We would spend the majority of our nights spent on Sindragosa seeing how far we could push into phase 3. On some nights people would make silly mistakes dying to Icy Grip or getting hit by a Frostbomb. It would be a little demotivating and would lead to more people making mistakes.

We would come back the next night and after a good few tries with few or no mistakes we would get our kill. We hit phase 3 and started our Iceblock movement. Once we had gotten past the first 2 Iceblocks everyone had gotten into the Rhythm and we just needed to stay calm and repeat it. We kept it going and everything was looking under control. Thunkan went down as a breath went out, but luckily Non was already running in to taunt and took over instantaneously. We ressed Thunkan quickly and tried to get things back under control, healers were a little shaken. We kept going. A few minutes passed that felt like hours and Sindragosa was getting lower. The tanks were staying up and the healers were healing for all they were worth. The Frost Beacon runs across and is killed, we have no Iceblock up to LoS behind. Everyone suddenly has 4 or 5 stacks of Arcane buffet and healing is becoming more intense. We get things back under control and get a new Iceblock up. We get back into the rhythm but were 3 dps down. The Boss was now on 2 million and someone notices the Enrage timer is getting close and says so on Ventrilo. We had 20 seconds. We called for all dps to focus on the boss and ignore the Iceblocks. She reached 1 million, we had 10 seconds left until she enraged. She Gripped everyone in just as the Enrage timer ticked over, Vent erupts as the achievement pops and the Dragon arches and falls over dead. It was an Epic and intense kill that we had worked hard for over the past few weeks. All the effort was worth it in the end as we landed ourselves a Server second kill ahead of Striped Socks and just 1 week behind Saaga.


Hierty PoV: (phase 3 only)
Barnagma PoV: (Full fight)

Darks would later complete the guilds first Legendary Axe: Shadowmourne.

15% Buff

Professor Putricide 25 HM: 09/05/2010

We had only 1 Hardmode left before the Lich King and were eager to get started. The first week after the 15% was released we cleared up to Putricide and would begin our progress on the encounter. Sayu organised 3 ranged groups that were spread out over different areas. When the plague went out people would pass it around the members in their group and then to the next group standing nearby. People quickly got the hang of it and the deaths from the plague were few and far between. Any melee who got the plague would run out and pass it to Bumbuclat at the beginning of the first group. On the transitions people would summon their treants, wolves and shadow fiends and get them to attack the Green Ooze. We would save the deathknight's armies of the dead for the second transition. Our progress was quick and were soon getting into phase 3. We improved on that and were soon getting to phase 3 with no casualties. Once we entered the last phase everyone would move across to the right hand side of the room and now it became an intense healing and dps race. That Sunday evening we had a good try of around 8%. We were very happy with the progress after our first 2 nights trying the encounter. We were looking forward to our last raid day of the week Monday where everyone was confident we would get the Encounter down in the same week as Saaga and Striped Socks. Unfortunately 6 people were unable to make it and we had to cancel Mondays raid. We were confident that it would go down the next week. Sure enough the next Sunday we continued from where we left off and made quick work of Putricide. We would get him lower and lower having a few sub 10% tries followed by a 3% before making the final breakthrough. We would get Putricide to 5% with everyone alive and everyone knew that we had it.

Non PoV:

Glory of the Icecrown Raider 25: 16/05/2010

We were very pleased with our progress on Putricide and had now 11/12 Hardmodes. We were now determined to complete the Glory of the Icecrown Raider and get the 25 man Frostwyrms. After we got Putricide down we would clear some of the other Hardmodes and do the: Portal Jockey achievement on Valithria Dreamwalker. We would find ourselves at Sindragosa and would have enough time for 1 try at the: "All you could eat" achievement. Some of the members had spent hours wiping on the prenerfed 10 man version so we had a very clear idea of what had to be done. Everyone was told to not touch the Iceblocks in phase 3 until tank spammed his macro and then everyone would nuke the block quickly and move across. It worked well and with only time enough for 1 try before the end of the raid we managed to 1 shot it. It was a great raid that night, our first Putricide kill followed by 1 shotting one of the harder Achievements. We still had 1 raid left in the week and would come back on Monday and do Lich King with the: "30 stacks achievement" We were extra careful as we had heard that the achievement would bug if it jumped over the number 30. So after a few minutes the raid members would run into open space away from any ghouls or shamblers until the Necrotic Plague stack hit the number 30. After spending all that time in phase 1 the enrage timer would come worryingly close towards the end. We also didnt want to make any mistakes in phase's 2 or 3 as would have to do it all over again. In the end we made quick work of the achievement and would end the week off on a high. We had plenty of time left over and so we would have some fun in our favourite place Ulduar. We would do some of the more random achievements just for some fun till the evening was up.

The next week we would prioritise on the remaining achievements needed for the Drakes. Once again Full House took a few practice tries to get everything coordinated. The week before we would have some fun with the: "Im on a Boat" achievement. Sayu told everyone we would make the Gunship encounter more interesting. In my defence it did become very interesting indeed ! We would try doing the achievement while doing Gunship on Hardmode and it almost ended in tears. Something went wrong and the Boss on the Alliance ship started destroying the raid members. Eventually we were down to 7 people left alive and suddenly everyone on vent was laughing at the fact that we might actually wipe on the encounter. We couldnt suffer the humiliation and sent all the remaining dps across to kill the sorcerer. We finished the encounter... just. We had found a way to make the fight more exciting at least. The week after we killed Putricide we would just do it the simple way on normal just for the achievement. The Plague Wing achievements were very straightforward and were over in no time. Bloodqueen would once again be more interesting. There were only 3 or 4 dps who had the achievement and so the rest of the dps needed it. Once again some dps would heal and some healers dps. Zomby would even fetch another character to dps on. People wanted to do it on Hardmode as to get another tier Token. Sayu asked nicely if the hunters could continue with what they normally did so that we would definitely know who was getting bitten first and then work out a biting order from there. We werent sure how close the Enrage timer would be but in the end it wasnt any problem and everyone who needed the achievement apart from the 2 hunters would get the achievement. The hunters would get it the next week.

We would do the Sindragosa Achievement again for those that were missing it and had only 1 more to go. Lich Kings: "Neck Deep in Vile" achievement. Non would once again use his addon to announce if the achievement failed. Whits would dps and we would have 3 Owls in the raid. They spread out and would knockback any Spirits that were coming dangerously close. The ranged dps did a great job and didnt have any troubles killing all the spirits. It was very nervy and heartbeats would rise if any loose spirit would chase someone and come close to exploding. After a few failed attempts we would have 1 perfect try with no explosions. Everyone was relieved and overjoyed as The Lich King hit 10% and did his Fury of Forstmourne. Soon the roleplay was over and the Achievements poped up. We had completed the Glory of the Icecrown Raider 25. It was a server second and only 1 week after Saaga.

The guild had now completed every Glory of the Raider in WotLK.
The Screenshot says it all.


Author:  Hierty [ 13 Apr 2011 14:29 ]
Post subject:  Re: History of the Furious Few (Wotlk) Work in progress.

The Ruby Sanctum

Sayu would take a break from the game to focus on IRL and Thunkan would do the same a few weeks later. Neltar and Hierty would be promoted to officers. Ephedrine and Tails would share the raid leading responsibility. The officers decided to focus on the new Boss Halion and get it down on Hardmode before finishing off Wotlk with LK. Tails would be the main raidleader for this fight.

Halion 25 Hardmode: 26/08/2010



Server First. World 352

Author:  Hierty [ 13 Apr 2011 14:31 ]
Post subject:  Re: History of the Furious Few (Wotlk) Work in progress.

Lich King 10 HM: 07/09/2010


Lich King 25 HM, the Light of Dawn: 10/11/2010

So the only thing left to do before Wotlk was over was to kill the big man himself. The Lich King on Hardmode. There could be no better finale to end off the expansion than this epic encounter. One of the hardest fights the game has seen. Steadily making progress through each phase and perfecting each move. Coming so close on a number of occasions 13%, 12% and with the pressure of the new patch coming soon, they pulled through the final few hurdles and were rewarded with the ultimate boss kill. Tails raid lead everyone through to final victory and the officers rewarded Non our reliable and dependable prot paladin with the Invincible mount.


Server Second. World #604

Hierty's Vid of the Kill:
Part 1:
Part 2:

Patch 4.0.1

There's nothing left to kill. WoTLK is OVER !

On behalf of the officer team i would like to thank a few people who have been the foundation for the Guilds success this Expansion.

I will start with the people who have been with us since the very begining of Wotlk and lasted all the way to the end.

Darks, Tails, Murlock/Rigamortis, Neltarr, Hierty, Non, Mletho, Barnagma, Blackfyre, Bumbuclat, Prolationeco, Chimp,

Then i would like to thank the people who have been with us for the majority of the expansion

Ephedrine, Thunkan, Grishnak, Såyu, Vonquent, Zandi, Whits, Milkatehen, Melinah, Kontested, Rossoman, Rottennerve, Mosmorgan, Hurving, Jabora, Mixxed

Your efforts are appreciated. Not just by the officers but by everyone involved in the guild. To our newer members, you have already started to prove yourself and i hope you are with us for many boss kills to come.

Woltk is over. The Cataclysm is about to start.

Furious Few was created in August 2005 and is stronger than ever. There is no better place to be than amongst the Furious Few.

Final Credits goes to Såyu for making this thread, thanks a lot!!

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